The 999,999 Gods of the World

There are said to be 999,999 gods of the realm. They dwell in their own realm, but often physically manifest in the material realm as physical landmarks.

A few of the Gods near Derendale are.

Deren, lord of the river
Deren is the god of the river Deren, one named after the other. No one knows who came first.
portfolios: Water, Life

Omnath, the forest mother (dead)
Omnath started her divine life as a mighty tree and over the ages she grew and spread until she was embodied in the material plain by the vast forests to the north of the Middle Kingdom. Once these forests were connected, but Omnath was ripped apart during the battle against Iren and is now only a piece of her former self. The bits of the forest separated from Omnath’s original tree have developed their own consciousnesses and have become the daughters of Omnath.
portfolios: Plants, Life, Sun, Animals

Iren, The mountain that Consumes (dead)
Iren is the god of the Iren mountains. Once Iren was just one of them, occupying a mountain volcano. Iren consumed the other mountain gods one by one, his power mounting and growing. Eventually he ran into Deren and Omnath and sought to expand his mountain range. He was defeated and lies broken somewhere beneath the earth.
portfolios: Sky, Earth, Fire

Ill Kannath, The Darkwood
Ill Kannath is a minor forest diety. An evil creature of fungal rot and vicious predatory animals. He functions as a sort of Devil figure for the local Halflings. Ill Kannath takes the physical form of a massive, ambulatory, humanoid tree. His harbingers are the Dread Wolves of the forest, a mutated and corrupted form of Direwolves. Dreadwolves are massive beast with razor teeth and claws that are as hard as iron, a hide that sheds blows like maille, an unnatural and cunning intellect and to top it all off they have a jaw that can crush a man in full plate armour like a dried leaf.
portfolios: Plants, Death, Decay

Numon, The Wind Through the Grass
Numon is embodied by the open grasslands and plains to the east of Derendale. He is worshipped by the nomads and monstrous humanoids of the plains. His aspects are many and varied.
portfolios: Storms, Wind, Freedom, Sun

The 999,999 Gods of the World

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