Ser Fulgrim, Questing Knight

Honour, Justice and Piety


Ser Fulgrim is a Questing Knight of the Lady of the Lake, patron deity of the Francian Planes, and the Inland Sea of Grieve.
Formerly of the Barony of Templier, Fulgrim became a Questing Knight following the massacre at Castle Feyly. Aided by foul sorceries the fell necromancer Kharsten summoned back his dead men-at-arms, destroying the surrounding knightly host while it slumbered.
Unable to sleep due to terrifying visions, the newly knighted Fulgrim, (then only a knight through the endorsement of his father) set himself to watch the encampment, even though it is unheard of for battles to not be fought at midday. Following a fey light into the surrounding wood, and hence escaping the slaughter that followed Fulgrim found himself afraid and alone, his only companions to the dark wood being his horse Gwendolyn and the screams of his former comrades. The light led him to a natural clearing, save a small devotional to the Lady of the Lake, and after the sobbing boy (being only 16 at the time) knelt in devotion and despair, he was visited for the first time by The Lady.


Though she did not speak, she said much, with the glow of the divine and the grace of aeons Fulgrim accepted his charge, to prove himself worthy of her grace.
Now at 21 years of age Ser Fulgrim has travelled much of the known world, slaying monsters, saving damsels, and with his visions moving ever closer to seeing the Lady once more, or die in the attempt. Now he sees a great opportunity to prove his mettle, save the world with the aid of his companions so that another great evil will not ravage the world.


Arthurian Legend, Brettonian Lore and Knights Templar.

Naivety, Pride and Faith
Feudal values (born to station for a reason, protect those who are below you and cannot protect themselves)
Camaraderie, a band of brothers united in ‘holy’ purpose.

“Therefore, take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of evil…”

“Not unto me or thyself, but unto your name (Lady) give glory…”

Ser Fulgrim, Questing Knight

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