Dream Seer Morgannon

Manipulating the Magical 'Dreaming' to do...magic.


Morgannon is the human ‘Dream Seer’.
[[Dream Seers, The Dreaming and The Malachite Tower. | Dream Seers, The Dreaming and The Malachite Tower.]]


Known colloquially as a ‘Dreamer’ a Dream Seer is a member of a secretive wizard sect, specialising in the realm of fate and dreams. ’Dreamer’s are often given a wide berth in most societal settings, seen as doomsayers and bringers of misfortune, they often however find employ, (For a short time at least) as royal scryers; scanning the skein of fate for the best possible future for their lords and ladies. Mostly however these rogue mages wander from township to township on a journey seemingly to nowhere in particular.

Just like the others of his order Morgannon wears long enveloping robes, a sign of his order, the dreaming eye on the hood, with the hood being rarely removed. They usually carry an iron quarterstaff and a ceremonial dagger.

From what little can be gleaned from seeing these ‘Dreamers’ it seems that there is only one of each race inhabiting the known world. When they speak it is as if in a group, “We saw”, “Our wills are strong”, often they seem to drift in and out of focus, for long periods of time, muttering, whispering, into their hoods.

In combat Morgannon can call upon all the powers of the ‘Dreaming’, whether creating tantalising illusions or nightmarish constructs he returns his foes to the dreaming, and with warming light and fortifying darkness enhances his allies.

Dream Seer Morgannon

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