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  • The Folk of Derendale

    [[Alec and Gunther | Alec and Gunther]] [[The Dwarven Consulate of Derendale | The Dwarven Consulate of Derendale]] [[Jorg | Jorg]]

  • Jorg

    Jorg is a long way from home. Little is known of where he comes from or what his goals are, but whatever drives him pushes him to relentlessly hunt down the most dangerous beasts that he can. He is a common sight along the Northern Pass as he often …

  • Jazal Silverclaw

    Known as "Jazal the Bold" to Tarcissian veterans and allies, as "The Silver Claw of the Wilds" to his Lumerian foes and simply "Jazal" to his friends. He is the second child of Crixus and Jaze Silverclaw the chief and chieftess of clan Silverclaw. …