The too long quick run down of Six


Born from parents that practiced blood magic in the name of an ancient demon named “Malegor, the defiler” believed to be long dead in the hopes to revive the demon.

Six’s parents died when he was only young, they were hung in the village square for practicing blood magic, which was the most heinous of crimes one could commit in that village. Six was only 16 when he was forced to witness the town lynch his parents.

Six later got a job as a blacksmiths apprentice. The blacksmith was the only one kind enough not to hurl insults and horrible looks at Six because his parent’s crimes. Six quickly took a liking to the Blacksmith, becoming a father figure very quickly.

Years later, on his way to work Six noticed that no one was mistreating him. In fact no one was even around. Puzzled, Six went to the town square in case there was a public event was on that he had forgotten. When he got there he wished he hadn’t been right about the public event he wasn’t aware of.

The night before the townsmen raided the blacksmiths home and abducted him. The town had grown to hate him after showing the child of blood mages mercy.

Six watched in horror as the axe bore down and his ‘farther’ became headless. Enraged, he stormed home muttering “First them, now him.” over and over. He took his father’s sword from under his bed and unsheathed it.

The sword glowed a dull purple and Six heard a strange voice. “You have much hate in you, let me sculpt it and you shall have what you seek. All you need it do it cut yourself on the blade and let the blood pour, and our contract will be complete.”

In a haze of rage, Six plunged the sword into his wrist. To his distress, the blood that should of been pouring from him like a fountain onto the floor instead wrapped itself around the blade. The wound closed and the blood swirling around the blade dried in an instant. Then the sword started exhuming a radiant red and the blood changed to a dull purple. They exploded into a white light, throwing him into the hallway, through the nearby wall.

Six woke from his fetal position the floor to see the sword floating in the middle of the room, amazingly feeling fine. Then everything flooded back to his mind and he remember that he just forfeit his soul to a demon. “Grab the sword and fulfil your revenge. Then you shall be known has my herald.” the sword enticed. Six filled with rage as the sword spoke. Grasping the sword, Six immediately felt a strange power enter his being, bathing him in sick and twisted thoughts.

Six tried his best to push the thoughts of the demon aside but they assaulted his mind causing him to writhe in agony, suspended in midair. Six then exploded in a deep violet light, once the light cleared he felt fine, he felt in the best shape of his life, if not a little heavy. He started walking, but he did not command his legs to move. He tried to stop moving with little success. Six’s distress was greeted by a familiar voice. “Awake I see. I am Malegor; you can call me Mal if you wish. Are you ready to exact your revenge?” the voice spoke in a soothing voice.

Six’s body was dragged around town, breaking into homes. Killing all who stood in the way of Malegor controlling the body of Six…

That night Malegor killed all but five of the residents of that village, who escaped before Malegor could track them down. That night, was the beginning of the end. It was, ‘The Awakening’.

- An extract from ‘The Old Gods Breath New Life – Demons of Old’, The Sixth Survivor.

Six was eventually able to suppress the power of Maleor through training with Monks from the Temple of Alder-Yun. Even though his spirit isn’t truly awoken, Malegor’s power still increases, constantly threatening to possess the wielder of Malegor’s old ritual blade. Once possessed the victim goes into a murderous frenzy, and exists to only serve the will of Malegor , which has been sealed in the blade for many thousands of years.

Thousands of years passed since the awakening. Six spent all those years with the sole purpose of becoming stronger than Malegor so that he may keep the curse in check. Or even perhaps one day kill his literal inner demon. Six has trained under many masters, learning the ways of swordplay, honor and valor. All shared the same fate of being devoured by Malegor.

Every master Six studied under taught him the ways of the blade and also taught him to sharpen his will. Coupled with Malgor’s aura and the training Six received over the years Six can use magic to a small amount of proficiency although usually relies on manipulating Malgor’s aura through his use of magic.

In more recent times Six had encountered a young Naga woman by the name of Savannah. She promised him great power in return Six would help her rebuild the mighty kingdom that her people once held by building a massive army.

While under the servitude of Savannah, Six had his left eye permanently damaged by goblins during one of Malegor’s possessions.

After meeting with a young lady by the name of Ling, Six learned that the disciples of Iren would eventually come to reclaim the portion of Iren’s power sealed in Mal. At this stage Six realized his curse may be lifted sooner than he anticipated… And that scared the hell out of Six, he would need to get as strong as he could get as quickly as possible if he was to survive Malegor’s eminent resurrection.

When passing through The Dreaming, the realm of the gods and realm which magic originates with his recently acquired adventuring party, Malgor was strong enough to communicate freely with Six. It had been thousands of years since this has happened.

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