Night Eyes
Natural Weapons
Ritual Caster

Stats of Note:
Agility 3: Contortion 1
Deception 4: Disguise 1, Bluff 1
Fight 4: Unarmed 1
Healing 3: Treat Ailment 1
Knowledge 4: Education 1
Persuasion 6: Charm 1, Convince 1


Savannah born of the small Naga tribe Silamath. Silamath is one of the current 13 Naga tribes of the Great Woods. Over the generations tribes have either merged, be taken over with force or split between children. Due to all the in fighting between clans the Naga people have been slowly losing land to the encroaching human and other race’s settlements

She was the 7th born of the 3rd litter of the tribe leader of the tribe, while she is in line to take leadership currently one of her elder brothers is been groomed for that position. Her father Salton was wanting to marry her of to the larger neighboring tribes to merge their two Tribes before a war would break out and would not be long before Silamath was decimated by superior numbers.

Not happy with the betrothal Savannah gave her father the counter proposal of her going to the outside world to raise an army under her banner to unit the clans. Intrigued by the idea her father has given her 1 year to complete her goal and if she fails she has to return and get married with out complaint.

With her basic knowledge of warfare she knew that the first thing she was going to need was a strong general to command her army, more to come here once David has done his background


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