Malegor, the Defiler

Six's sword has a power hungry wizard in it!

| Not much is known about Malgor before he obtained god-like powers. But all sources indicate that he took extreme pleasure in the suffering of the people he sacrificed to his blood magic. Researching this wizard sends chills up my spine… |

Malgor‘s goal was the power of the gods, he wanted to be a god among men. He worked tirelessly worked on a powerful spell that would steal the essence of a being, whether it was a god or a rat, granting him the powers of the being he stole the essence of. The spell required the hearts of the 3 elder dragons and the souls of 13 pure warriors.

He then decided that the god he would steal from would be a powerful god, a god that had the other gods worried. Iren, the Mountain That Consumes would be perfect. Malgor went to the original volcano that Iren pardoned over. He then formed a tomb of stone in the middle of the pond of lava within the cone of the volcano. Malgor sealed off the tomb and began the ritual. The ritual was lengthy and very taxing.

The following information has been gathered from all books that have ever referenced Malgor in his god power- infused state, all 3 of them. The rest of the books that reference Malgor in one way or another seemed to have been destroyed…

As the power surged through Malgor he collapsed, convulsing on the floor. In a desperate attempt to get the new powers under control he caused the volcano to erupt, vanquishing the nearby town.

Iren was furious at Malgor for his disturbance of his volcano and the destruction of the town that relied on him, although Iren felt no loss in power. For his blasphemous act Iren submerged the tomb within the lava and turned the lava to stone. “Let this mistake be your last, you meddling mortal. I shall die before you get to ruin my temple!” Iren bellowed as he sealed the tomb with magical barriers so Malgor could blast his way out with magic.

With his dying breath Malgor enchanted his soul and all his power in to his ritual blade. To lay dormant until a powerful enough wielder reawakens him with their power.

Millennium past, Iren was slain by Omnath and Deren. Over time, Malgor’s influence of death and ruin eroded the barriers that held his power back, engulfing the newly built town nearby. Causing the residents to go mad and kill one another. Those who survived the madness induced massacre formed a cult, devoted to the voices inside their heads.

Malgor, using his new found cult set his plan into motion. He led his followers to his tomb through a series of dreams, promising them freedom from their sickly mortal forms.

Once the cult had located the tomb, Malgor took control of his followers and forced them to do a ritual to free him. Malgor sacrificed all but two those who freed him. He would then continue to dominate their lives until they were killed on suspicion of practicing blood magic.

- A brief report on Malegor, the Defiler for the library of the Temple of Alder-Yun
| It has also been speculated that with a particular blood ritual as old of the gods and just as mysterious, one could use the essence of Iren trapped within Malgor to draw him from the blade into a living and sentient body. My fellow disciples of Iren will be glad to hear about this revelation. |
Being the malicious soul that he is, Malgor is prone to take any and every opportunity to influence as many people around him as possible, to harvest their power and give it to him, fueling his escape from his warded prison.
Even though currently he is sealed heavily inside his ritual blade his aura still reaches out to those close to it. The effect of this malicious aura is greatest when bare skin is put into contact with any part of the blade. It is cautioned that the weak willed do not attempt to even think about picking up the sword whilst in its presence.

Malegor, the Defiler

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