Jazal Silverclaw


Known as “Jazal the Bold” to Tarcissian veterans and allies, as “The Silver Claw of the Wilds” to his Lumerian foes and simply “Jazal” to his friends.

He is the second child of Crixus and Jaze Silverclaw the chief and chieftess of clan Silverclaw.

Like nearly all Leonin of Andarta Jazal grew up strong and became a skilled warrior due to the harsh conditions and numerous predators of the Leonin homeland.

Having been born into the noble class of Leonin society Jazal was raised as a prospective leader and noble warrior. Very early in training he became enamoured with the traditional Leonin warrior traits of community, fellowship, and aggressiveness.

Like most noble warriors Jazal joined a regiment of other warriors called a pride where he was paired with a pridemate which enables the Leonin “Shield and Axe” fighting style. Jazal’s pridemate is Ar-Mia Whitemane, a female his age, a far superior warrior and his greatest ally and friend. Pridemates spar and train together, in battle it is their duty and honour to defend one another. After he and Ar-Mia had completed their “Jaghaz” thereby offically joining the pride and years of distinguished service Jazal rose to leadership of the “Claws of the Wilds” pride.

Jazal’s pride was enlisted by the city of Tarcissius, in honour of a treaty between the city and clan Silverclaw. The “Claws of the Wilds” pride was marshaled into the combined army of Tarcissius with the goal of putting down a union of rebel vassal states and tribes.

After the early success enjoyed at The Ivory Shores and Tebarrow Woods where Jazal demonstrated good tactics and initiative he was promoted to command a couple of regiments of the combined Tarcissian army in addition to his own.

During the march to and siege of the enemy capital of Surok, Jazal shared many Leonin customs with his non-Leonin troops such as communal dinners where the formality of rank is passed over by camaraderie and jocularity.

When the time came to assault the walled city Jazal and his pride were the first over the wall. As they charged through the street to the citadel, Jazal was ambushed and wounded, he would have perished then if not for Ar-Mia saving his life not for first time by fending off five attackers. The wounded Jazal was rushed to the surgeon by Ar-Mia whom reportedly barked orders off and refused to leave her pridemate’s side.

As the rebels declared their surrender and the war won Tarcissius retained the service of the “Claws of the Wilds” as tensions were brewing with the kingdom of Lumere across the sea. The pride was permitted to stay at the city while Jazal recovered and war preparations were made. Ar-Mia never left his side while he recovered and was first to see him regain consciousness.

It was during this time that Jazal had his first real exposure to human society and culture, that of Tarcissius. He was very confused over how commonplace thievery was, how many human guards worked to avoid watch duties, and how many humans he encountered that fixated on rumors. Jazal heard many rumors from the attending medical staff including one postulating about his relationship to his pridemate, one of the nurses even inquired to its validity she was disappointed with his short response.

She is my pridemate, she is very special.

A/N: This about 1/4 – 1/3 of the summarized backstory. I’ll definitely write more but I’d like to discuss some ideas with some people before proceeding.

Jazal Silverclaw

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