Braige Evenwood

The horrid creation of an insane god.


Braige was born in Lumere to as the son of a soldier and a seamstress. His father was killed in a military campaign long ago and thus he took up the role as the main breadwinner. His mother developed a drinking problem and was not suited to take care of Braige and his younger sister Saskia. For the most part Braige worked his childhood as a laborer to one of the mason guilds in the city, however on the side Braige would usually steal supplies from the guild and sell it on the black-market just to feed his family. This went on for years.

Things changed for him when his boss won a huge contract to build a new manor for one of the noble families. The Dentensons were considered a lower ranked noble family but due to many shady deals and blackmail had developed a large power base and held a lot of influence among the noble families.

Conditions on the work-site were poor at best. It didn’t really worry Braige much until Harold Dentenson, the head of house, cut wages down to lessen costs of the manor. Braige was furious as he hoped to move his family out of the slums and into the less crap side of town. Braige met with his fellow workers and decided it was time for the nobles to pay.

The next morning there was no work taking place on the site. Braige and his army of peasants broke into the upper district and wreaked havoc. Once proud manors were scorched and burnt from the inside. Statues were ripped down. It was complete devastation. The city guard eventually got the upper hand with the use of crossbows and superior weaponry, however the damage was done and it went down in local history as the worst riot Lumere had ever seen. Braige was recognized as the leader of the riot and was taking into custody (after taking three crossbow bolts to the leg).

Braige was chained and left to the mercy of the courts. If he had been lucky he would have been executed. But Harold Dentenson was not as merciful. After a few bribes the judges sentenced Braige to live out the rest of his days in Wildway Prison, Lorholt.

Braige was dragged through the icy wasteland of Lorholt and escorted to the prison. The prison stood in the center of the island. Prisoners were dumped beneath the main tower in the caverns below were the would mine gemstones and iron from the rock and ice. After a week of this Braige knew that he had to escape. Escape was easy, there was many different ways out that were all intentionally unguarded. The way the prison saw it, anyone who manages to survive Lorholt deserves their freedom. Braige and a group of the younger, stupider prisoners all decided to leave Wildway prison and make there way to the mainland.

They all instantly regretted their decision. They got out of the cavern and immediately their fates were sealed because their exit caved in. The fact that it just caved in on its own worried Braige as he was very superstitious. The prisoners all traveled away but got lost during a white-out. One the first day of travel 4 prisoners out of 14 died. They left them were they fell.

Problems arose when the prisoner carrying the food supplies ran off. The way he saw it was that if he had all the food he would not have to share it around thus keeping him alive longer. Starving and freezing the prisoners decided that if they were to live they would have to eat the next person who fell. This went on and on. Braige was a bit stronger than the other prisoners because of a childhood of lifting bricks so he was able to outlast the other prisoners.

By now there was only two prisoners left. Braige and another prisoner named Faran. Their journey had changed Braige. They finally reached the edge of Lorholt and saw the mainland across a field of ice. But something in Braige clicked. He heard a voice in his head, a woman. At first she did not speak, but he knew something was off because it felt as though someone was in his head breathing heavily. The voice said “You look hungry Braige, why don’t you eat?”. Braige fell to the ground. His body warped and changed. He grew claws, his teeth became elongated, his skin became grey. He became a Wendigo. Faran looked down at Braige in shock at what he had just seen. But the words of the woman were ringing in his mind. There was a primal urge he felt tugging away at him, the more he tried to fight it the more it hurt, until final he leaped up from the ground and ripped Faran’s throat out with his teeth. Braige tore Faran to shreds and devoured him.

The urge stopped. He felt good, he felt strong. The cold didn’t affect him at all. What he once hated so much now felt like home. The voice in his head spoke up again. “Very good Braige, know that wherever you go I will be watching attentively” she said “What are you?” Braige asked to which the woman said “You come into my land and do not know my name, how rude. I am the Goddess of Frozen Death, the Lady of Lorholt. I am Witiko”. Witiko then fell silent.

Braige was about to leave Lorholt when Witiko spoke again. “Come again soon my dear, oh and come alone, I hate outsiders in my home”.

After his escape from Lorholt, Braige wandered but the urge soon resurfaced and he had to feed. So he moved from town to town, hunting when he could and always avoiding capture.

Braige Evenwood

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