Aggarthor Eldenhalf

Sorcerer/Ranger Demonic Blood Elf


Stats of notes

Deadly shot
Double shot
Ritual enchantment caster

Bastard born
Flawed warfare

Personality traits
Learned, wise, calculative and cold. Seeks to gain more power and knowledge

Physical traits
Demonic appearance
Two small horns on forehead
Imp like wings and tail
Pale blue skin completion
Glowing bright blue eyes
Long greying white hair with black root highlights.


Blood Elf

Enchanted forest of Garthor now known as Garthor the ever dammed forest


Aggarthor Eldenhalf From the house of tydien (ted-de-in) son of Iftor was once from a noble house lineage, with ties to the first celestial elves. Believed to be the first race created by the old gods the elves gained ownership of the ancient enchanted forest of Garthor . His kingdom one resided far in the west and were wardens of Garthor. Known as the wood elves, Aggarthors Kingdom was a prosperous society adept in great intellectual accomplishments as well as perceptive naturalist making their people unrivalled rangers. Aggarthors Kingdom known as one of the great four pillars of the world with the other three known to the elves as the dwarfs of the northern hills, the great warforges of the south and the suli jann exotic elementlist of the east.

One day Iftor was approach by a cloaked individual under the guise of a foolish old merchant. This merchant offered Iftor great powers and riches of divination in exchange for a single drop of blood. Iftor amused by this offer accepted hastily. The travelling merchant stated to Iftor “do you not wish to read the contact” as he loosened the string unwinding the scrolled parchment with a bemused look. Iftor laugh out to the court. “No of course not”. “If you propose to offer me great powers and riches for a single drop of blood I need not read your nonsense”. The old merchant stated “very well then”. He approached the throne slowly, hunched over one hand grasped to a walking stick with the other used to hold a single pin between his fingers. The old merchant stated to Iftor “with this single drop we make a pact; In the next full moon you and your line will be bestowed with great power and in exchange I only ask for only a single drop of blood” he said with a sly grin.

Iftor then pricked his finger. As soon as this act was committed the old merchant demeanor completely change, exerting a great aura of evil. His appearance clouded in a vail of shadowy mist calling
out loud in a great ominous voice. “I am Karrthcore Zelroth the defiler”.. Karrthcore belted out a great evil laugh. " You prideful, insolent elves"." You have been gifted with immortality and celestial inference, but for not". “your once elusive soul hold great power and now that power will be mine”. " But fear not, you will be bestowed with what you were promised"." You indeed will be given great powers and riches of divination that will pulse within your very own blood". “The transformation will be complete by the next full moon till then I suggest you enjoy the last of your (pause) fair ways”. He said disdainfully.

Over the course of the transformation his people transformed into a twisted form of abomination. Their once fair skin change to a pale blue completion. Their fair green eyes glowed a bright blue. And their once golden hair changed to a greying white colour. The ancient enchanted forest of Garthor too cursed and warped into a dark and wrenched forest.

During this time Iftor went mad, seeing enemies at every corner and slaying countless of his own kin. Dammed to live a cursed lift, Iftor took his own life. Aggarthor son of Iftor took control of his now diminish people. Although cursed Aggarthor realised he was bestowed with greater affections. His demonic appearance was evident with two small horns on his forehead as well as imp like wings and tail. But this was not with out its gifts. Aggarthor soon realise the powers of enchantment he now welded. Aggarthor vowed to his people that he will find a way to break the curse and told his elves till that day comes that we will now be known as the Blood Elves.

Aggarthor Eldenhalf

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